Running Projects

Association of Workers for Alternative Rural Development- AWARD has different types of project activities such as various types of survey, research, study, monitoring, evaluation, supervision with Education, Safe Water Supply and Sanitation, Environment, Forestry,  Hygiene, Arsenic Mitigation, Comprehensive Disaster Management, Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries, Different types training, Training of Teachers , Community Development  and Micro Finance (MF) capacity building activities, Income Generation Activities  and different types development activities. Ongoing project working experience from different types of local and foreign donors including Government Agencies and Departments are listed below:



  1. A) Non-Formal Primary Education


  1. B) Primary health care and sanitation


  1. C) Award Micro Credit Program -AMC.


  1. D) Agricultural extension


  1. E) Empowering Communities through Business for Peace


  1. F) Adult Education Program (BLP)


  1. G) Maternity allowance for the poor mother.