Report of the Association of Workers for Alternative Rural Development – The Role of the Awards Organization in the implementation of sustainable development (SDG).
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Brief Introduction to the Organization:
Association of Workers for Alternative Rural Development- AWARD A local development organization The organization is the Directorate of Social Services, NGO Affairs Bureau and MRA’s registration / licensed non-political, non-profit voluntary organization.

Here is a mention here that in 1998 the companyganj upazila of Sylhet district has implemented various development projects aimed at reducing health, education and poverty.
According to your letter, from the year 2016 to December 31, 2017, the details of the goals achieved in sustainable development are presented below.

Sustainable development target 1
Ending all types of poverty everywhere

Serial no
1.4 By establishing equal rights for financial services including financial resources and basic services, ownership and control of land and other properties, succession, natural resources, new technologies and small loans, in favor of all women and men, especially the poor and unprotected people, by 2030. Be done

# To achieve that goal, the award has achieved the following written tasks.

The details of the activities implemented in order to achieve the target of SDG target

Within the given time, 40 villages have been formed separately for men and women. The number of members is about 1200
Awareness-cum-Training: Grameen people brought together poor people through association and provided awareness training among common members of the village organization. The training has been provided to 3 to 120 people from 40 organizations / societies.
Leadership Development Leading Developments have been awarded to leading president, editors and finance editors, 120 people.
To save the accounts, 40 organizations have been trained on accounting system to save the general accounts of the organization from the treasury from each organization to the treasury.
An amount of 14948000 thousand rupees was distributed among the members of the rural organizations organized from 2016 to December 2017.

Sustainable development aims 2
The end of hunger, food security and improved nutritional and sustainable agriculture expands

Serial no
By 2025, the elimination of all types of malnutrition by 2030, with the fulfillment of all achievable achievements of internationally agreed on the mid-five year old and progressive children and the nutritional needs of adolescent, pregnant and nursing women and adult population.

# To achieve that goal, the award has achieved the following written tasks.
The details of the activities implemented in order to achieve the target of SDG target
Family income generating activities have been conducted through the primary health care, living and development of woodwork through the curriculum of the girls in the organized workforce. A total of 600 girls have been trained on the topics mentioned in 30 girls’ clubs.
Vegetable farming in the home gardens has helped to increase the family income through farming of vegetables and the increase in household income by selling the produced vegetables in the market.
2.3 By 2030, doubling of income and agricultural productivity of small farmers by farmers, especially women, indigenous people, family farming, animal husbandry and fishery farmers, and in this end, land, other productive resources and materials, knowledge, financial services, marketing, value Enhancing opportunities and ensuring their safe (secure) and equal opportunities in non-agricultural employment, including other initiatives.

# To achieve that goal, the award has achieved the following written tasks.
The details of the activities implemented in order to achieve the target of SDG target
Training on rice cultivation has been provided on modern cultivation in order to achieve the food sufficiency in the poor farmers engaged in agricultural work in the agro agitation work area. In order to perform such program, a one-year loan has been provided to the small farmer family for 5000-10000 taka.
Training on modern fishery farming has been provided with poor members engaged in fishery cultivation in fishery farming area. In order to perform such program, a one-year loan of up to 5000-10000 taka per family has been made suitable for fish farming through the re-excavation of their unused ponds. Members of the family have bought fish and fish food with loan money. Through this program, the needs of the family fish have been met and the needs of the meat have been met. It has also been possible to achieve monetary profit through the sale of cultured fish.
In the work of the development project of the Manipuri tech industry, indigenous Monipuri women residing in the village of Mazargaon in North Ranikai union of Companiganj, used to wear worn clothes. They have been financed by their waist and have been financed by a small interest loan to provide additional family income. It is to be noted here that the people of Kamalganj upazila of Moulvibazar of Sylhet division use superior quality waist tones, from which there are trained workers in our area of work. Through this program about 300 hundred indigenous families have benefited.

Sustainable development aims 3
Ensure good health and welfare for all the old people
Serial targets
Between 3.2 and 2030, the ratio of maternal mortality globally to 100,000 living below 70 lives, and by preventing preventable death of newborn and under 5 year old children by 2030, all the targets of every country will be targeted at least 1,000 births per 1,000 live births at least 12- At and below 1,000 live births, the under 5-year-old infant mortality rate is at least 25

# To achieve that goal, the award has achieved the following written tasks.
The details of the activities implemented in order to achieve the target of SDG target
Participation in the implementation of national immunization project activities. Workforce on the day of expansion and implementation of children’s immunization program, all of them, on the basis of priorities regarding sending date of birth, time and center information to the village organizations for the implementation of the National Program, and the sending of children to parents in the days of the anniversary, on priority basis. It’s coming out.
3.7 By 2030 ensuring universal rights in the service of sexual and reproductive health care, including family planning, information and education, and integrating reproductive health into national techniques and programs.

# To achieve that goal, the award has achieved the following written tasks.
The details of the activities implemented in order to achieve the target of SDG target
The family planning family has been doing this since its award to the award on family planning. The deputy director of the family planning ministry is responsible for the direct supervision of the family planning and to provide services for a provincial region, to ensure that women are able to get pregnant by going to the home and accompanying these government services, giving a convincing idea about birth control procedures, providing free of birth control equipment Have been .
Various information has been provided to ensure universal access to sexual and reproductive health care services.
3.8 Achieving the goal of providing universal healthcare services including access to safety, quality essential health care and affordable, effective, quality medicines and vaccination facilities at affordable financial risk for all.

# To achieve that goal, the award has achieved the following written tasks.
The details of the activities implemented in order to achieve the target of SDG target
In order to achieve this target, the Accredited SDG has provided the necessary information and quality essential health services at affordable prices to avoid the financial risks associated with this federally trained staff (women). In order to implement this program, the path of getting safe, effective and quality medication / vaccination facility has always been made.
Sustainable development aims 4.
Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education for all and creating opportunities for lifetime learning

Serial targets
4.1 Ensuring that all boys and girls can complete relevant, effective and fruitful, unpaid, equitable and quality primary and secondary education by 2030

# To achieve that goal, the award has achieved the following written tasks.
The details of the activities implemented in order to achieve the target of SDG target
Non-formal primary education activities BRAC’s financial and technical collaboration will begin from 2000 in the area of the company’s work area, according to the implementation of the program through the Joint Unit Office of the Company. Considering the success of the program, BRAC has continued financial donations till date. For the first time in 2014, in the initial closing examination of the AWARD conducted by AWARD, 100 percent of the students of the school were successful, and 20 in 2015 and 10 students in 10 schools participated in the closing examination and 100 percent (100 percent) students succeeded. Note here that in 2016, BRAC has introduced rules for the first time, for the students of materials fees for the first time, monthly fee of Rs 60.00 in the children’s class and monthly fee of Tk 70.00 from the first class to the fifth grade. At present 50 centers are started and 1500 students are getting primary education through these centers. There is a provision of primary education for children who are not in school during the 8 to 11 years of age or have never been in the school. A teacher is given a 4-year lesson in each education center with 30 students. It has been mentioned here that since 2012, arrangements have been made for teaching up to Pamam Level. In our respective education centers, teaching is done in the hands of Bangla, Mathematics, Sociology, Environmental Identity, English etc. Apart from this, the students do not do school without special reason as the coeducation curriculum is maintained and regularized to increase the attraction of the students towards the school. Here, in the year 2016, 15 pre-primary schools were started with BRAC’s economic and technical support. All those schools had to pay 60 rupees monthly fee for the fee and the award was able to lift the money through many hardships. In December 2016, successfully completed one-year courses in those schools. There is no plan to open similar schools in the coming year. Conducting all the necessary functions to open 15 first class schools on condition of payment of equipment fees of BRAC @ 200.00 in the year 2017.

We can expect to be able to live as a capable person in his career by providing education to the primary school paraphernalia of the award, even after those who are interested in higher education for all the students and their adolescent students who have completed this level of life. This is the fate of our non-formal education program.
4.222030, to ensure that all the boys and girls grow with the help of elementary education and the development of basic education from the very beginning of childhood through basic development and service as a preparation for elementary education.

# To achieve that goal, the award has achieved the following written tasks.
The details of the activities implemented in order to achieve the target of SDG target
Pre-Elementary Education Program Award In the year 2016, 25 pre-primary schools were established in West Islampur union of Companiganj. A school with a female teacher of the village was organized by setting up a center with 30 children of 4-5 years in each school. In order to provide quality education, 15-day basic training is provided before the start of the classes. For every 5 centers, one person is trained by recruiting the P.O. and the Center is organized to ensure quality education. BRAC has been providing financial and technical support to the program.
4.6 Everyone and youth of the youth including women and men, a significant part of the population, to ensure that literacy and mathematical skills are achieved by 2030

# To achieve that goal, the award has achieved the following written tasks.
The details of the activities implemented in order to achieve the target of SDG target
Adult education programs have been started by the organization’s own fund since the beginning of this organization. In the absence of informal training from 2016 till today, about 5000 associate women have been provided with support to achieve literacy and mathematical skills.

Sustainable development aims 5
Gender equality and empowerment of all women and girls

Serial targets
4.5 Ending all forms of discrimination against all women and girls everywhere
Ending all forms of violence against women and girls in homelessness with trafficking, sexual harassment and other exploitation-deprivation
Ending all kinds of harmful practices such as child marriage, child marriage and forced marriage and sexualization of women
Promotion and recognition of honorary care and housekeeping by government services, infrastructure and social security policies and encouraging nationally equitable partnerships within the family and the family
To ensure full and effective participation of women and equal opportunity for leadership at all levels of decision-making in political, economic and social fields

# To achieve that goal, the award has achieved the following written tasks.
The details of the activities implemented in order to achieve the target of SDG target
The program is being implemented in BRAC’s financial and technical cooperation from Gender Earners 2016 to December 31, 2017. Agenda-based discussions are organized to resolve all kinds of discrimination between women and girls in the scheduled monthly meeting of organizations organized by the award. The decisions that are taken against the relevant index are recorded in the party’s resolutions. It is also monitored whether future decisions are being implemented.
Likewise, discussions and decisions are taken in consistent societies in order to create family sympathy and harmony for prevention of sexual exploitation, sexual harassment, exploitation of all types of exploitation.
In order to discourage child marriage and to discourage forced marriages, three leading members of each organization are trained by Trainers trained on Gender Everness for 3 days. Here, the mention of village arbitrage is discouraged in the matter mentioned above and necessary arrangements have been made for taking necessary co-operation of the upazila administration. More and more attention has already been announced to the Companyganj upazila of Sylhet district as a statewide child marriage.
5. Increasing use of technology, especially information and communication technologies, to empower women

# To achieve that goal, the award has achieved the following written tasks.
The details of the activities implemented in order to achieve the target of SDG target
Encourage acceptance of e-services in the union office. Empowerment of women by empowering women by ensuring that these services are made available to the union based government e-service center for empowerment of women and to make available opportunities for overseas employment to rural women under special arrangements and to collect and apply for job information through same service & Took action.

Seeks sustainable development 6:
Ensure sustainable management and availability of water and sewage for all.

Serial targets
6.2 By 2030, achieving the goal of universal and equitable access to safe drinking water and low-cost food.

With special focus on the needs of the people living in unprotected conditions, including women and girls, to ensure adequate and equitable access to sewage and sanitary life by 2030 and to eliminate the exchanges in open spaces.

# To achieve both of those targets, the award has performed the following written functions.
The details of the activities implemented in order to achieve the target of SDG target
WATSON PROGRAM Comprehensive development effort needed for overall development. The award is committed to conduct such an integrated development activities in its area of work through its limited resources and manpower.
Therefore, in the area of work, they are engaged in the establishment of safe drinking water and health related sewage system. I believe the successful implementation of this program is possible only by creating consciousness among the common people.
So far, hundreds of ISO-based meetings have been able to provide safe drinking water to people and how to create affordable awareness of how to make health-related latrines.
Under the said program, work has been done to train arsenic testing of tube wells in the area of operation by providing training to one of the employees of the organization. In the last year, 277 tube wells have been tested in arsenic. The tubewell in this area does not have arsenic in water or its rate is very small, in a tolerable level. The issue also gave importance to this: It was discussed at each party meeting.

Seeks sustainable development 9
Expansion of inventive and sustainable industrialization and expansion of innovation

Serial targets
9. Increasing the use of information and communication technology significantly, and by 2020, earnest efforts to provide universal and affordable access to the Internet in LDCs.


Project’s backbone
Award has started as a local volunteer company in Companyganj upazila of Sylhet district since 1998. No national or local NGO was working in that upazila. With the help of grassroots organizations, poverty alleviation, expansion of education and empowerment of women, the local donor organization has been implementing various development programs with financial and professional support. Since the present government has declared the promise of Bangladesh Digital Digital Bangladesh, we also take initiative to cooperate in this work area. Initiatives for the development of digital Bangladesh were taken in a meeting with party members in 2014 to prepare the people of the modern society with the aim of developing the public on the path of overall development, meeting in the weekly weekly meeting and issue-wise monthly meeting. In order to fulfill this goal, it is decided to teach computer usage first. The question is asked in the rural meeting, who will be given this education or who can receive this education? Then a decision was taken to teach the primary level of the computing to some of the educated educated societies and some advanced advances to school / college students. Apart from teaching the students, the proposal to educate some of the teachers of these school colleges was also accepted. Because the trained students need a guardian to retain it after receiving the training. In this situation, the government of Bangladesh gave assurance of providing compatriots in a number of schools and colleges. Award is determined by the decision to use this opportunity to implement this project.

Rationality of the project
With the on-line education, people can now take advantage of this opportunity offered by the officially given government in a union of Ajpara, seeking employment in the country, applying for jobs abroad, filling out various forms, and doing various legal development programs. If a few students and teachers are given this training in a backward upazila like Companyganj upazila, then they can be able to mention the ordinary people of the entire society in this regard. Apart from this, our ideas that the project can be a crucial role in implementing the vision of the government of Bangladesh-2021.
In addition to ensuring a positive environment for online learning, online marketing professionals will collect their rights and other information. And it can help spread the path of development by spreading it among the common people of the society. Students can acquire quality knowledge through online and participate in various developmental activities of the society through genuine knowledge and quality.
Description of the editing program
Selected School / College Name:
Serial Number Institution Orientation Number of Planets Total

Student chef teacher
01 Companiganj Thana Sadar High School 28 38 07 73
Shahid Memorial Market High School 20 20 05 45
03 Chanbari High School 28 40 04 72
04 Parayaaya Anwara High School and College 20 57 09 86
05 Raniikhai Humayun Rashid Chowdhury High School 52 64 08 124
06 Vatai High School and College 50 77 02 129
Total 198296 36 529
Earned results
Serial number achieved results
1 Interested in using online through computer for students of a backward caste.

2 Students from a less educated area like Companyganj upazila will receive various oral facilities on the line through education.
3 Some teachers of Pargaon have got a good idea about on-line and applied themselves and others interested in them and will be interested in it.
4 Backward Computer Engineer Other educational institutions have responded to the online education through internet access. Hopefully this noble initiative has created a good field of quality education in quality education. Which will expand further in the future.
5 Vision will be created through the present government – 2021 will create opportunities for implementation.

The next 5-year work plan will be awarded by the award on achieving SDG goals
Sustainable development aims – In the case of targets of 12, 3, 4, 5, 9 and 9, which have been implemented from 2016 to December 2017, all the targets have been implemented incomplete or partially in the program, in each case, in the next 5-year work plan. Will be Members of the General Assembly and the Executive Council members are committed to achieving the goal of the target of the proposed SDG for the next 05 years. This includes the provision of work-oriented training and action plans to accelerate the ongoing projects. Note here that the award is always dependent on domestic and foreign aid as a local organization. So, for the next 05 years, the plan of action plan will continue to be available for obtaining domestic and foreign projects. We hope that the government will continue to provide overall cooperation in this regard.